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Uebimiau is an universal webmail developed in PHP by Aldoir Ventura.
It is free and can be installed in any email server.

-It runs under any System;
-It doesn´t require any extra PHP modules;
-Doesn´t need a database (as MySQL, PostreSQL,etc)
-Doesn´t need IMAP, but compatible with POP3 and IMAP
-Compatible with the MIME Standard (send/receive text/html emails);
-Doesn´t need cookies;
-Easy installation. You only modify one file;
-Compatible with Apache, PHP, Sendmail or QMAIL;
-Can be easily translated into any language (already translated in 17 languages);
-Can use a variety of skins

Testimonials   Security Update
Thank you for your great work on UebiMiau! I run a small server, and Irecently put up an e-mail server just for me and my friends...  

In answer to a recent Security Advisory , we are publishing a newer version with some changes in ...

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