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Security update


A newer version (2.7.10) has been released. It contains minor bug fixes in response to Security Advisory BUGTRAQ #20060129



A newer version (2.7.9) has been released. It contains minor bug fixes to problems found in then previous version. Detailed information can be found in docs/CHANGELOG.txt

Security update


In answer to a recent Security Advisory , we are publishing a newer version with some changes in the configuration and in the way of treating the critical information.
Despite the advice in the config file, many administrators ignore it and set the configuration as default.
Systems set according the config file are not affected by this advisory.

Novo Site


In order to follow the new directions of the project, we are publishing a new website with a new design and content.

We are also introducing “Uebimiau”, our new mascot and friend. The new logo and website were designed by Tupiweb.

Retomada do projeto


After months of inactivity, Uebimiau is back and this time to last.The development structure was changed to ensure that the project never stops even if one member or other is absent.



In order to improve Uebimiau, we are doing a survey with its users,
to know their profiles and needs. This will help us to develop more and
more functionalities and therefore a better software.
Register right now, to join the Uebimiau developers community!

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